Friday 25 July 2014

View your computer’s power Efficiency Report

The common issue of your system slow down might be occur many of the time and you don’t have any clue how this occurring and what is the cause of the problem. You have a Windows trick that may minimize your problem a little bit and you could able to see how your system OS performing now and what is the problem in your system.

You have a powerful tool in your Windows OS i.e. very well known Command Prompt that will help you finding the problems in your system. Following little info might help you sorting out some issues of your system.

How to find your PC’s Power Efficiency Report

You don’t need any special tool for this, you can do this with your Command Prompt i.e. cmd. You just have to open cmd in administrator mode.

*. Open cmd in Administrator mode and type powercfg –energy

power efficiency

*. Now your system’s power efficiency report will available to you after 60 seconds and also you may check the information which will automatically stored in a html file at C:/Windows/system32/energy-report.html

energy report

That’s very much easy isn’t it! Enjoy with this small trick…….!


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