Tuesday 8 July 2014

Hide files behind images



Most of the time you need to save your files from others. To do this you may use this simple trick to hide files behind any image. You can use any type of image to do this. Only you need is a compression tool named WinRAR which is most commonly used tool for compressing files  and folders.

How to hide files using WinRAR

To hide files behind images you just need to follow simple steps as given below. Note that you must compress your files using WinRAR for using this trick.

*. Press Win+R and type cmd to open command prompt or open it from from menu.

*. Type cd\ in command prompt to change the directory.

*. Now type cd users\xyz\desktop to access the location of your image. Your image may be anywhere in your computer. So you need to change the path according to the image location.

*. After this type copy /b img.jpg+files.rar pic.jpg

                                                hide img cmd

*. Now another image named pic.jpg will be created in the same directory where your image and files are located.

*. To access the files from the image just Right click on the image and open the file using WinRAR and extract it.

                                  winrar open

That’s it! Thumbs up Your job is done. Now you can see the files that you have hidden behind image.

Thanks for reading. Keep visiting for more such simple and useful tricks.


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