Friday 4 July 2014

How to copy text from images

Did you ever need to copy text from any type of images? If you didn't able to do that then this post should be helpful for you. Yo will able to copy text from images without any need to download third party software.

copy text from images

There are certain tools available on the Internet that you can use but these tools are not that much accurate for copying text from images. So this guide will help you.

How to copy text from images

You know about a built in Windows softwares which comes under the Microsoft Office software tools i.e Microsoft Office OneNote. Actually it is a new software from Windows and it is pre-installed in Windows Vista or Windows 7, 8.

*. Open Microsoft Office OneNote from Start menu.

*. Copy the image from which you want to copy text and paste it into Microsoft Office OneNote.

*. Now, Right click on the image and select Copy Text from Picture.
                          copy text from images using onenote

*. Finally paste the copied text into any text editor like Notepad.

You done it! Isn't it very easy. You can also search text from images when you copy the image into OneNote.

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