Wednesday, 23 July 2014

How to check Original Installation date of Windows

Windows installation date

Are you looking for the original installation date of your Windows? You can find it easily but did you know how? Then follow this post to know more.

Every Windows OS when installed on any system then its information stored automatically in a system file during installation. This system file saved during installation into Windows directory. You can get it easily just follow simple steps as mentioned below.

How to check installation date of Windows

You can check Windows installation date and other information about your Windows operating system from using a command from command prompt. Below steps will help you more.

*. Press Win + R and type cmd to open Command Prompt.

*. Type systeminfo.exe and press Enter.

*. Wait for few seconds and you will get all the information about your Windows including Windows installation date and time.

You just found another useful information about your Windows isn’t it! More such hidden features are included in your Windows stay tuned for further updates.


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