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Saturday 20 June 2015

How to accept all Friend Requests at once on Facebook

Facebook as everybody know the largest social networking website. Everyone likes to be on Facebook and chat with friends, share photos, make friends, share stories and lot more. Most people using Facebook like to make lot of friends and some people may got hundreds or thousands of requests everyday. So it is very difficult for them to confirm these requests easily and if you have a slower connection then it is going to be very much frustrating task. But here on TechAntic we are always want to make your life easy with simple tricks that works.

pending facebook friend requests

Is this trick work ?

It will be work for most of the people and I have tried it personally and you don't have to misunderstand this trick is hacking or something. It is simple programming code which simplify your task.

How to Confirm or Accept Friend Request at once ?

*. First of all you need to log in to Facebook. Go to

*. You will find out all the pending requests on this page if you have lot of friend requests then you have to click on Show more. Click on this until all the friend requests are visible.

*. Now right click anywhere on the page and click on Inspect Element and then click on the Console tab and paste following code as it is

javascript:for( i = 1;i<document.getElementsByName("actions[accept]").length;i++){document.getElementsByName("actions[accept]")[i].click();}void(0);

confirm facebook friend requests using inspect element

Note: If you're using Inspect Element in Firefox for the first time then it may possible that Firefox won't allow you to do that. If it happens then type enter on the Console panel and you are now allowed to paste.

After all this process completed successfully you will see something like this as shown in the screenshot below. It means that your friend requests are started confirming automatically. Wait for sometime and all your pending requests will be accepted.

confirm accept friend request automatically

Hopefully this post helped you and you would enjoy using it. Keep in touch with us and don't forget to share the post.

Tuesday 6 January 2015

How to download say thanks Facebook videos

We are back with another awesome trick. Did you know about Facebook's new photo messages which you can create for your friends on fb? Many of you are very well known about this video messages provided by facebook for it's users.

What is Say Thanks video?

Say thanks is created by Facebook to provide it's users video greeting cards. By using the say thanks feature of facebook users can create thanks video for their friends on facebook. It's a customizable video greeting in which you may add some another photos from your computer and make a video of it or can use previously shared photos with friends and create a great video to say thanks to your friends for being with you for a long time. You can create say thanks video from the link

How to download say thanks facebook videos?

Most of the users already created say thanks video using facebook's say thanks feature. But they are not able to download it only they can view it online. Some of my friends also asked me about how they can download the video. But don't worry friends now you can able to download the video and also other videos which are not downloadable on the internet or on the Facebook. To download the video here is a complete solution, follow it and enjoy the download of facebook's thank you cards.

*. First of all download the firefox extension Video DownloadHelper from here.

video download helper firefox icon

*. Now login to facebook and play the video which you want to download.

*. When the video starts playing you will see the moving icon on top right side on your firefox. Now click on the small dropdown icon and then click on download. You can also convert the video format by clicking on Download and convert.

say thanks facebook videos download

*. That's it your video will now starts downloading.

Hopefully you like this post. Keep visiting for some more tricks for you.

Thursday 25 December 2014

Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages

Facebook users are always in a hurry to clear their chat messages or we can say private chat messages from their account. But there are some important messages that needs to be retrieve or recover after accidental deletion. But most of the users are not able to recover these messages or unaware of the fact that the messages can be retrieved. Here is a guide for you which help you recover your deleted messages, photos as well as videos. We will see how this facebook feature worked for us.

retrieve deleted facebook messages

Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages, Photos and Videos

Following simple steps will let you recover your deleted messages, photos and videos from facebook.

*. Login to your facebook account and go to settings or directly click on the link.

*. Now click on Download a copy of your facebook account.

*. Now click on the Download Archive button and you will prompted to enter your facebook account password.

facebook archive download

*. Just enter the password and your download will begin.

*. Now just extract the downloaded zip file and click on the index.html file and you can see all your facebook information.

It's very simple, you can now able to access your deleted messages, photos and all your facebook data is available to you.

Saturday 13 September 2014

How to save news feed on Facebook

Nowadays everyone has a FB account and they’re very much familiar with news feed on facebook. Sometimes there were lots of posts by our friends and we don’t have time to read it completely and also some valuable posts shared by different pages that we need to be saved on for later reference. But don’t you worry for that now, because facebook introduces a new option to save your news feed on your facebook account and you may able to view it later whenever you need it.

Where is save option on fb/Facebook?

Finding a save option is not much difficult on facebook. You have to login to your facebook account and you will see lots of news feeds or you can say posts by different users or pages.

You have to point out the post you want to save and after your decision to save a post just click on the small drop down arrow icon from top right corner of the post and and you will see a option to save. Click on that and your post will be saved for later references.
Save news feed

You can access your saved news feeds by vising the link or you can also have an option to click on the saved option which is available on left side in the apps or favourites section on the home page.

Saved option

We know you should enjoy this simple tutorial. Keep following us for some more….

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