Thursday 10 July 2014

Convert folders into Virtual Drives


You may have different drives on your computer. But do you know you can access any folders as a drive ? Yes it is possible. You can create virtual drives and able to access them from My Computer without any partition process.

How to access folder as a drive

For creating your own drives of folders. You need to follow some simple steps as follows

*. Open Command Prompt from start menu or directly by pressing Win+R and typing cmd.

*. Type subst F: D:\Files\folder and hit Enter.

folder convert command

*. You can replace F: with your desired drive letter.

*. You can replace D:\Files\folder with the path of the folder for which you want to create drive.

Now you can see on My Computer that another drive with drive letter H: is created. But it is temporary because when you restart your system then this drive will be disappeared.

If you want to create a permanent drive without partition for particular folder then you can do this by following process.

*. Open Notepad and type the code

         @echo off
                subst F: D:\Files\folder

*. Save this file with .bat extension and paste it to the Startup folder of your system which is located at C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup.

It is actually hidden by default you may change your system settings to Show the hidden files and folders from folder and search option in the view tab.

Now, just Restart your computer and you are done. Enjoy with this tutorial.


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