Sunday 21 December 2014

UnHack your Android phone with the new app

Do you know who is watching your activities you are doing on your Android smartphone? 

I think anybody who is using Android these days ignore this but the fact is that many of us are unaware of certain processes on our Android. Many of the times you install some apps that can harm your Android and it can access your text messages, your contacts, WhatsApp chats, personal photos and many more that you don’t even thought of. 

So, for solving your problem and providing you extra protection here is an app that will protect you from all this and you can control the behaviour of the apps, which named as UnHack.

UnHack start screen
What is UnHack?

UnHack is an app like any other Android app which will let you see the behaviour of all the apps that are installed on your phone.

According to its developer “UnHack answers a very basic question of giving you complete control of your phone. It does so simply by reversing the permission base that the applications take on your cell phone.In simpler words, it can show you which apps are accessing your SMS, call logs, camera, pictures among others. All this control with just 2 clicks, is what we guarantee you.”

It is very easy to use app you can download it from the play store link here.
Just install the app and open it you will be asked to Analyze your newly installed apps.

What UnHack Can do for you? 

You will see a window like that will say “apps that can view your” SMS, Contact, SD Card, Camera, Internet, Location, Call log etc. Choose any of the icon such as SD Card and you will see the list of apps that is viewing your phones SD Card. For ex. You choose SD Card then it will show you which apps are viewing your SD Card.

apps viewing your SD Card

You can also see the various things the installed apps can do with this permission, such as with SD Card access permission

*. They can see all your important documents you have on your phone.
*. They can delete your WhatsApp conversation.
*. They can delete your saved games.
*. They can see your private photos that you don’t want to see by others.

app can see your

You also have an option in the UnHack app to control the permission and you can block certain permission that you don’t want to provide to certain app.

With the help of UnHack all this problems can be overcome. So don’t be worry, now its time for UnHacking your Android phone just install UnHack and monitor the behaviour of  your installed apps.


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