Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Lock your PC with USB

Do you know you can add an extra layer of security to your PC when you are not using your PC ?
If you don't know about this then this post should be helpful for you.

You can use your USB flash drive to lock your PC. We can use USB to unlock the PC as we use normal password to unlock our PC. You can access the PC till the USB is connected to the computer. It will be automatically locked when  USB drive is disconnected from computer.

USB lock your PC

To use this security you will need a security tool "Predator". You can download it from here Professional Edition [Link] and Free Edition [Link]

Process for using this tool:

*. After downloading Predator connect your USB
drive to the computer which you want to use as a key to your computer.

*. Then run the installer. A pop up asking you to create a new password will generated. Click on OK to continue.

create password popup

*. You will now proceed towards Predator Preference settings.

preference settings

*. Enter the desired password and select the USB drive letter on which USB is located and then click on Create Key it will be used by Predator to monitor.

*. When Predator is running it will show a icon in the taskbar.

taskbar predator icon

Now you are protected with USB. Whenever you want to lock your computer with USB just remove the USB flash drive and after some time the computer will be locked. If you want to unlock it then connect the USB to unlock it.


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