Monday, 2 June 2014

How to Disable Dual Boot

Using two operating system on your PC ? Removed one OS but still that OS appears on Start up ? Want to Remove the Dual Boot option on Start up ?

We have the solution for this problem. If  you have running two OS Windows 7 & Windows XP and removed Windows XP but it still appears on start up. Then refer to the below guide to fix the problem.

See the below screenshot that appears when dual booting two or more operating systems. 

How to remove one of the OS and Dual Boot ?

Its very simple to remove any OS. You have to just format the drive on which your OS is installed. But at start up again the same screen will appear asking which operating system you have to start.

Here is the solution for this:

*. Go to the control Panel and then System and Security
*. Click on advanced system settings, see the below screenshot.

Control Panel system and security  
*. A new window will open now click on Settings under Startup
and Recovery 

*. Now select the operating system that you want to choose and uncheck the box below it. Refer to the screenshot below.

That's it.... you wont get a startup boot menu option and the default operating system loaded automatically.


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