Monday, 9 June 2014

How to create our own Run Commands in Windows

The Windows is a very popular and popular operating system and the Run command feature is a most powerful feature of Windows which enable you to open any document or application easily and quickly. So, rather clicking on several icons or using multiple commands, you can use Run commands to open any program or document instantly. For that you need to create Run commands for any software that you use frequently.

Create run commands

How to create Run commands ? 

Its very easy to create Run Commands. First of all open Run window by pressing window key along with R key i.e. Windows+R.

*. First step is to select the software for which you want to make custom Run command. For example, let us consider Mozilla Firefox. You may use any application or software other than which is already there in Run command.

*. In next step Right click on the desktop and make a new Shortcut.

*. As you select the Shortcut, it will open up a dialog box asking the path of the application or software for which you want to create
Run command.

*. Now you need to provide the path of the application's .exe file i.e. "firefox.exe". It can be found out in the C drive under Program files.

*. After that just provide a relative name for the Shortcut that means rename it with the name which will be used as your Run command.
For example, "ff" for firefox.

*. Now click on Finish button. Then the shortcut of respective application will be created on your desktop screen.

*. In the next step just cut and paste the created Shortcut into the root drive i.e. C:/Windows/. For this make sure you are the administrator of the computer.

*. Now, you are done with the process of creating the Run command and you can use "ff" as a Run command to open Mozilla Firefox application.

run your own command

Hopefully this simple but useful trick will help you.


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