Sunday, 28 September 2014

Recovering data from Scratched or damaged CD/DVD’s

You have noticed that many of the time your CD/DVD’s scratched due to not using them for a longer period of time. All of us mostly depend on cloud data storage and USB drives or hard drives due to their portability and last longer ability. CD/DVD’s mostly have the data that is very old but due to the importance of the data we have to keep them in good place, but they damaged in any case and data recovery is the most complicated problem for ourselves from them.


For this problem we have found solution. This might help you recovering data from your CD/DVD’s in easier way. Here we are suggesting two easy to use programs which can be used to recover data from damaged CD/DVD’s.

Roadkil’s Unstoppable Copier is a simple, small and easy to use program which is mainly designed to recover data from scratched or damaged CD/DVD’s.

dvd copier roadkils unstoppable

Every time when you tried to copy any files from scratched CD/DVD’s you may encounter numerous errors such as “Not readable” or “Corrupted”. This is the reason why Roadkil’s Unstoppable Copier here to help you. It is a free program which you can download from here.

Another program is CD Recovery Toolbox which also support for the new format Blu Ray disc’s. This utility is capable of recovering data from both scratched, damaged or corrupted optical discs. You can download it from here.

recovery toolbox cd copy

New and modern gadgets overcome the use of CD/DVD’s but still they’re used for storing important backups. So, hopefully if you have facing problems of recovering data from damaged CD/DVD’s then this post will help you….


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