Wednesday 10 September 2014

Find out most shared stories on Social Network with Buzzsumo

If you are eager to know about the trending stories on the social media then Buzzsumo is for you.

Buzzsumo Trending Content

Whenever we make a search on search engines it gives results according to their algorithm but these results may not be latest results they may be older because search engines not updated in real time so we don’t get real time results. But by using social network this can be easily bypassed, because when any latest story liked or shares on the social network it becomes a popular source of information. As likes and shares increases the popularity rank of the story also increases. So the same activity of social sites captured by Buzzsumo and present you the relevant results.

What is Buzzsumo ?

You may be confuse with all this, so let me clear you that is a service like a search engine which provides you up to date information about on a specific topic, trending stories on the social networking sites.

You have observe that social network becomes the very popular and faster medium in recent times to share information than traditional news sources like television or other news broadcasters. So can take help of Buzzsumo to find the trending news or story on any topic.

You have to just enter two three words relevant to the topic for which you want to search for just like a search engine or you can also enter URL of the social site and the results will be available quickly.

Search results Buzzsumo trending content

If you need to increase the relevancy, you can even filter Buzzsumo results as Article, Videos, Infographic, Guest posts, Giveaways etc. You can also filter results by their time period.

Buzzsumo is available for free by its basic plan you can also buy premium plans for better results.

Just sign up on and start searching for trending stories now….


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