Saturday 31 January 2015

Hike launched free voice calling service before WhatsApp

Indian messaging app hike launched free voice calling service before WhatsApp over 200 countries. WhatsApp's free voice calling rumored were flooded on the internet in last few days but the official launch of such a service is not announced yet. Hike done it before WhatsApp with the VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) system which enables you to call anyone of your friends who installed Hike on their phone for free with little data charges.

free voice calling from hike

Hike currently has 40 million users and its major user base is India. Some days ago Hike bought Y-Combinator supported Zip Phone which allows people to call each other using Wi-Fi. Now company is providing free voice calling service over 2G, 3G and Wi-Fi across 200 countries.

According to Hike, the voice calling service is extremely data efficient "Although calling on hike is absolutely free, you'll need to pay your 2G / 3G / Wi-Fi bills. But Hike Calls are light on data usage and hence, low on your pocket too :)"

The data consumption rates are very low while voice calling see the chart provided by Hike in the below screenshot.

free voice calling data consumption rates

How to use free voice calling service using Hike

You need to update your old Hike messenger. If you don't have Hike download it from here or visit official Hike messenger website

After installing app look for the call option inside chat and start making calls to your friends and loved ones across over 200 countries its free.

free voice calling feature in hike chats

Enjoy free voice calling across the world and hope it will improve with the coming years. Let's now wait for WhasApp's feature like this...


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