Thursday 14 August 2014

How to find out details of website for safe browsing

Everyday we deal with different websites for different kinds of information. Mostly we don’t care about a website and don’t know how safe it is to browse. Sometimes some websites may be infected with suspicious content that can harm your system. Although you trust the site you must identify about it’s protection for your own safety.

In the past it is very easy for the user to find out the harmful websites because of the poor designing of websites and annoying notifications but nowadays with the mastered improvement in the designing of such harmful websites may confuse anybody and they may not easily detectable for a normal user.

Fortunately for a user there is an easy solution in the form of a browser extension named WOT.

What is WOT ?

WOT is a browser extension that is available for all popular browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera. WOT notify users about a website whether it is safe to browse or not. Once installed, the extension icon appears on your browser and changes color of it according to ratings provided by millions of users for that website around the world.
WOT Rating box

Download links for WOT

For Google Chrome
Download Link 

For Firefox
Download Link

For Opera
Download Link

If a website is harmful, the extension will show a red light and in case it is completely safe, it will display a green light. 

facebook screenshot

Apart from the browser icon WOT also displays a icon near search result links to alert you before you click on that link. It’s also a very amazing feature of WAT that help you protecting yourself before clicking any link.

google search
Being an experienced web user or a newbie to the Internet all the users can protect themselves with this extension. So enjoy safe browsing on the Internet.


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