Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Lock your Computer with USB using Password Booster Screen Lock

Using Win + L to lock your computer is boring nowadays because every time you need to unlock your computer you need to enter password. It is frustrating sometimes. So its a cool idea to make your system unlock without entering password, just you need to do is plug your USB drive and your Computer get unlock, isn’t it cool…!

What is Password Booster Screen Lock ?

Password Booster Screen Lock is a small software program that lets you lock/unlock your computer using USB drive. You don’t need to enter password every time you want to unlock your computer. It minimizes your work of typing a password every time when you are waking up your system from sleep or lock mode.

How to use Password Booster Screen Lock ?

It is very easy to use software program and anyone can handle it with ease. It gets automatically enabled when you install it in your computer. After installation you can see a green icon in your system tray. Download it from here.

*. After installation click on the green icon to see the window for your USB drive setup.

password booster icon
*. Now click on Setup and then select Enroll a flash drive then connect your USB flash drive. It will automatically detect the flash dive and configure it for locking/unlocking purpose.

setup usb
*. Now whenever you remove your USB flash drive your computer gets automatically locked and connecting it will automatically unlock your computer.

You can enable or disable it by simply right clicking on the icon from the system tray. That’s it! you are free from the boring password unlock.


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