Monday 11 August 2014

Identify details of song used in YouTube video

All of you watch lots of videos on Internet and mostly YouTube as it is the most popular and amazing video sharing community that powered by search giant Google. Lots of the time when we are watching different videos on YouTube there are certain songs or music included in the background of videos but we didn’t able to understood from where it was taken. 

Mostly when the popular artist’s song or popular music in the background then it’s easy to find out the details but the music of certain advertisements and random user content won’t be find out easily. This kind of difficulties can be overcome now.

You don’t need to be worry for this now because here is the solution for you. For solving this problem you have to give a try to Audentifi.

Audentifi is a audio identifying service for YouTube which can help you identifying unknown audio from YouTube videos.

How it works ?

Audentifi is a simple and easy to use service. You have to just copy and paste the YouTube URL in the input box provided and click on Identify songs.

youtube song details

Audentifi will now scan the song used in YouTube video and if it is identified by Audentifi then it will show the song and artist name. Also you will be presented with the link to purchase the song from Amazon or Itunes. Alternately, you may search for that song on Internet to download it for free.

Since it is a new service we can’t say it a perfect service but it is very good service. Most of the cases it identifies the audio which is unknown to us.

Friday 8 August 2014

Universal Viewer: Open different format files with single program

Different format of files needs to be open by a particular program, for example if you are playing any mp3 format audio then by default it open in Windows Media Player and a pdf document needs to be open by Adobe Reader. But think about a situation where you have to open certain file with some kind of file format and you don’t have the software to open that file so, what you will do? Obviously you will search for that software on the internet or take it from your friend or relative. But that is a very time consuming process, isn’t it! But the solution for this is Universal Viewer.

What is Universal Viewer ?

Universal Viewer is a software which may help you in such situations where you need to open specific file instantly and you won't have the software to open it. It is just one program that you will need to open different kinds of files with ease. You can open different file format files with this software if you don’t have the program to open the file. Universal Viewer supports different file formats such as .doc, .pdf, .mp3, .avi, .mkv, .xls, .ppt, .flv and lots more.

How to use it ?

It is very easy to use software program. You can download it from here and the follow the normal installation procedure to install the program and you are ready to go.

Universal Viewer open file
Whenever you need to open any file you can open Universal Viewer and open the file from file menu.


Right click on any file that you want to open and select Universal Viewer and your file will be opened.

Right click Universal Viewer
That's it! it's nice to have a program like this isn't it? It minimizes the work of downloading extra softwares.

Wednesday 6 August 2014

Lock your Computer with USB using Password Booster Screen Lock

Using Win + L to lock your computer is boring nowadays because every time you need to unlock your computer you need to enter password. It is frustrating sometimes. So its a cool idea to make your system unlock without entering password, just you need to do is plug your USB drive and your Computer get unlock, isn’t it cool…!

What is Password Booster Screen Lock ?

Password Booster Screen Lock is a small software program that lets you lock/unlock your computer using USB drive. You don’t need to enter password every time you want to unlock your computer. It minimizes your work of typing a password every time when you are waking up your system from sleep or lock mode.

How to use Password Booster Screen Lock ?

It is very easy to use software program and anyone can handle it with ease. It gets automatically enabled when you install it in your computer. After installation you can see a green icon in your system tray. Download it from here.

*. After installation click on the green icon to see the window for your USB drive setup.

password booster icon
*. Now click on Setup and then select Enroll a flash drive then connect your USB flash drive. It will automatically detect the flash dive and configure it for locking/unlocking purpose.

setup usb
*. Now whenever you remove your USB flash drive your computer gets automatically locked and connecting it will automatically unlock your computer.

You can enable or disable it by simply right clicking on the icon from the system tray. That’s it! you are free from the boring password unlock.

Sunday 3 August 2014

Hide or Blur your Windows

You are in the situation where you may need to hide your personal work from others like friends or family or just need to hide from anyone. But you are not able to do this normally, but don’t worry you are now do this and you may not need to take your computer to sleep every time.

One software tool is in a help for you for this. Name of the software tool is AntiSnooper. AntiSnooper is available for everyone to use. You have an option to purchase it or you can use it freely. This is very simple to use software that anyone can use easily.

How to use AntiSnooper ?

AntiSnooper is very easy to use you can download it from their official website here.

*. After installation you will be presented with the Window as shown in the screenshot below.


*. All the active programs will be shown in that Window. You can see the currently active window there, when you are working on it.

*. Now click on the green plus icon and your program will be protected with AntiSnooper.

*. When you remove your cursor from that program you can see that its window becomes blurred.

blurred facebook window

*. For removing protection again click on that icon and your protection will be removed.

You are now protected with AntiSnooper. It’s very cool to use and protect your privacy. Use it and share with friends.

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