Tuesday 21 October 2014

How to Root Android Phone Without PC

Rooting any Android phone is very time consuming and complicated process for a normal user. But now you will able to know the easiest process to Root any Android device without using the computer.

The app named Framaroot is very useful for rooting almost any Android device with ease. Framaroot was developed by alephzain from the XDA forums. Just one click and this app will install Superuser and Su binary on your phone. This is compatible with Android version 2 to 4.

framaroot for android

Framaroot uses six major and safe exploits to root your android phone which are Gandalf, Boromir, Sam, Frodo, Aragorn and Gimli.

Why to Root Android Phone?

Most of the people wonder why to Root their Android devices. But there are numerous benefits of rooting an Android phone. Rooting an Android phone helps you unlocks many restrictions and unleash the full performance of a phone. Most manufacturers take a lot of time to release firmware updates on their android devices. But you can use your rooted phone to enjoy custom ROM's with the latest version of android and many exciting features much before its is officially available on your phone. You can install the app in your android device and check out if it works. The app won't brick your phone as it does not touch your kernel, nor flash anything.

Note: Rooting your Android device will may results in void your Android phone’s Warranty. So root the phone after completion of warranty period or root it at your own risk.

Steps to Root Android Phone:

*. Download Framaroot app from any of the following links:


*. Install Framaroot from the apk file and choose install Superuser”  option inside Framaroot.

install superuser

*. Select any of the exploits that appears in the app and wait for some time. (Aragorn exploit works for me.)

*. If you see a “Success… Superuser and su binary installed. You have to reboot your device” message then you have successfully rooted your phone.
exploit success

*.  If you see “Failed … Try another exploit if available”  message then try selecting another exploit. 

You can also unroot your device with Framaroot. Download Root Checker for checking your phone's root status.

List of Compatible Phones which can be rooted

    Compatibility for Qualcomm devices (Gandalf exploit only) :
    • ASUS Memopad FHD 10 LTE
    • Asus Padfone 1/2
    • Asus Padfone A66
    • Asus Padfone Infinity
    • Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700KL
    • Archos 50 Platinum
    • BLU Studio 5.3 S
    • BW T18+ (Fortis Evo)
    • Cloudfone Thrill 430x
    • Disgo 8400g
    • DNS S4504/S4503/S4502
    • FAEA F1
    • Gigabyte GSmart G1315 Skate
    • Gigabyte GSmart Rio R1
    • Google Nexus 4
    • Highscreen Spark/OMEGA Q/Blast/Strike/Boost
    • Hisense AD683G
    • HTC One S
    • Huawei Ascend G330D U8825D
    • Huawei Ascend G526
    • Huawei Honor Pro (U8950-1)
    • Huawei Premia 4g
    • Huawei U8815/U8816 Ascend G300/G301
    • Huawei U8825D Ascend G330D
    • Huawei Vitria Y301-A2
    • Huawei Y215
    • K-TOUCH TITAN S100
    • Karbonn Titanium S5
    • Kyocera Hydro Edge
    • Kyocera Hydro Xtrm
    • Kyocera Torque
    • Lenovo A600e
    • Lenovo A706
    • Lenovo S870E
    • LF-LTE3 (F260S)
    • LG Nitro HD
    • LG L1 II
    • LG L7 II P700/P710/P714/P715/P870
    • LG Lucid 2 (VS870)
    • LG Optimus Dynamic 2
    • LG Optimus F5 (P875)
    • LG Optimus F7
    • LG Optimus G E970/E975
    • LG Optimus L3 II E425
    • LG Optimus L5 E610/612/615
    • LG Optimus L7 II P710/P713/ P714/P715
    • LG Optimus L7 P700/Р705
    • LG Optimus LTE 2
    • MEDION LIFE P4013
    • Micromax A111 Canvas Doodle
    • Motorola Defy Mini XT321
    • Oppo Find 5
    • Orange Nivo
    • Orange Yumo
    • Orange Zali
    • Pantech Discover
    • Pantech Flex
    • Pantech IM-A840S Vega S5
    • Pantech Sky S5 A840S
    • Pentagram Combo
    • Phicomm i370w / i600 / i800
    • Samsung Galaxy Core i8260
    • Samsung Galaxy Express GT-I8730
    • Samsung Galaxy Win I8552
    • Sharp Aquos Phone SH930W
    • Smartfren Andromax U
    • Smartfren Andromax i2
    • Sony Xperia E C1505/Dual C1605
    • Sony Xperia L C210X
    • teXet TM-3204R
    • teXet TM-4677
    • Xiaomi Mi-2S
    • Yarvik Ingenia Compact SMP35-200
    • ZTE T83 (Telstra Dave)
    • ZTE V880G/ZTE V955
    • ZTE V9815 Grand Memo N5
    • ZTE Warp Sequent
    Compatibility for MTK devices (Boromir, Faramir and Barahir exploits only) :
    • A8 Alps
    • Acer A1-810
    • Acer A1-811
    • Acer B1-711
    • Acer Iconia A3-A10
    • Acer Liquid E2
    • Acer Liquid Z3
    • Alcatel 975N (Vodafone Smart 3)
    • Alcatel OT 4030D S'POP
    • Alcatel OT 8008D Scribe HD
    • Alcatel OT 997D
    • Alcatel OT Fierce
    • Alcatel OT Idol 6012X / Le Mobile Sosh / Orange Hiro
    • Alcatel OT Idol 6030X/6030D/6030H
    • Alcatel OT Scribe Easy 8000a
    • Alcatel OT Star 6010X
    • Alcatel OT Pop C5
    • Alcatel OT Ultra 6033x
    • Alcatel OT X'Pop 5035D
    • Amoi N828
    • Archos 40 Titanium
    • Arc Mobile 350D
    • ASUS Memo Pad HD 7
    • atab4w
    • AVUS A24
    • BEDOVE X12
    • Blu Dash 5.0
    • Blu Life Play
    • BLU ONE X
    • BLU Studio 5.0 / 5.5 / 5.5S
    • BQ Aquaris 5 / 5.7
    • BQ Elcano
    • Brondi Glory 2
    • Cat B15
    • Changhong z9
    • Charmpin (UTime) G7
    • Cherry Mobile Amber
    • Cherry Mobile Burst 2
    • Cherry Mobile Cosmos S
    • Cherry Mobile Cosmos X
    • Cherry Mobile Omega XL
    • Cherry Mobile Thunder 2.0
    • Chinese Star S7589
    • Chuwi VX1
    • Coolbox Quore v57
    • Coolpad F1 (8297)
    • Cube U39GT 3G (CubeTalk 9)
    • Cube U51GT C4
    • Cube U55GT (CubeTalk 79)
    • Cubot A890
    • CUBOT GT90 / GT99
    • CUBOT X6 / P6
    • DAXIAN XY100S
    • Doogee DG200 Hotwind
    • Doogee DG350
    • Evercoss A7S
    • Excelvan ET704
    • Explay HD Quad
    • Explay infinity II
    • Explay Polo
    • Explay Surfer 7.32 3G
    • Explay Surfer 8.31 3G
    • Explay X-Tremer
    • Fly IQ440 Energie
    • Fly IQ441 Radiance
    • Fly IQ442 Miracle
    • Fly IQ443 Trend
    • Fly IQ446 Magic
    • Fly IQ450 Quattro Horizon 2
    • Fly IQ451
    • Gionee 868H
    • Gionee E7 mini
    • Gionee Elife E3
    • Gionee GN 708
    • Gionee Pioneer P2
    • GoClever Fone 570Q
    • GoClever Quantum 4
    • GoClever Tab M713G
    • Goophone N3
    • GSmart Aku A1
    • GSmart Sierra S1
    • GuoPhone G9002
    • Haier W718
    • Haipai I9389
    • HDC I9500/N9006
    • Highscreen Alpha GTX
    • Hisense U970
    • HKC Q79 3G
    • Hosin v70
    • Huawei U8836D G500 Pro
    • Huawei G610-U00 / G610-U20
    • Huawei G700-U10 / G700-U20
    • Huawei Ascend G730
    • Huawei Y320
    • Huawei Y511
    • HTM A6
    • HTM M1/M3
    • HUMMER H1+
    • iBall Slide 3G Q1035
    • IconBIT NetTAB Space 3G Duo
    • IconBIT NetTAB Mercury Q7
    • I-mobile series I-style 7.2
    • Inco Colossus II
    • INEW I6000+
    • iNEW V3
    • Intex Aqua HD
    • iOcean X7
    • iWING WTD2
    • Jiake JK 11
    • Jiayu F1
    • Jiayu G2
    • Jiayu G3S
    • Jiayu G4
    • Just5 Spacer
    • Karbonn A1 / A30 / A9+
    • Karbonn Titanium S2
    • Kata i3
    • Kata Venus 3
    • KENEKSI Beta
    • KingTopKt07
    • Kvd N3+
    • LANIX ILIUM S600
    • Lava iris 405 / 503
    • Lenovo A3300
    • Lenovo B8000-H
    • Lenovo 10.1" Tablet S6000
    • Lenovo IdeaPhone P700i
    • Lenovo IdeaPhone S720
    • Lenovo IdeaTab A3000-H
    • Lenovo IdeaTab S6000-H
    • Lenovo P770/P780
    • Lenovo S890, S720, S820, S920, A390, A850, A516, A656, A368i, A369i, A859
    • Lenovo S5000-H
    • Lenovo S6000-F
    • Lenovo Yoga 8 / 10
    • Le Pan TC802a
    • M-Pai 809T
    • M4tel SS1060
    • Mi354 "Spice Smart Flo Space"
    • Micromax A58
    • Micromax A89 Ninja
    • Micromax A90
    • Micromax A114 / A117
    • Micromax A115 Canvas 3D
    • Micromax Canvas 2 Colors A120
    • Micromax Canvas 2 Plus
    • Micromax Canvas 4 A210
    • Micromax Canvas EGO A113
    • Micromax Canvas HD
    • Mlais MX70
    • MoreFine S6 Pro
    • Motorola RAZR D1
    • Motorola RAZR D3
    • MSI primo 76
    • MyPhone Agua Iceberg
    • Mysaga C2
    • N800 Mini Note
    • Neken N6
    • NEO N003 Advance
    • Newman N1 / K18
    • Nexa Vega N4
    • NGM Forward Prime
    • NGM Forward Young
    • NGM Dynamic Racing GP
    • No.1 S7
    • Omate TrueSmart
    • Onda v819 3G tablet
    • OPPO Find Clover
    • Oppo find 5 mini
    • Oppo findway U7015
    • OUMEI X5
    • Overmax Vertis-01/01+
    • Overmax Vertis-02/02+
    • Pantech Vega LTE Ex (IM-820L)
    • Pearl Smartwatch AW-414
    • Philips W536
    • Philips W736
    • Phoenix Rockx1
    • PocketBook SURFpad 3
    • Prestigio Multipad 4 Quantum
    • Prestigio MultiPhone 4055
    • Prestigio MultiPhone PAP 3350/3400/4505/5044 DUO
    • Runbo x5 / x6
    • S09 W63 IP68
    • Sesonn N9200+
    • Sharp AQUOS SH837W
    • Shengda S4
    • Sky Vega A800S
    • Smartfren Andromax V
    • Star HD9000+
    • Star N8000
    • Star N9800
    • Star S5 Butterfly
    • Star S6
    • Star S9500
    • Starmobile Diamond V3
    • Starmobile Knight
    • Symphony Xplorer ZII
    • Tecno R7
    • TeXet NaviPad TM-7055HD
    • Texet TM-5277
    • THL T100S / T200
    • THL V12
    • THL W8 Beyond
    • THL W8S
    • THL W11
    • THL W100(S) (130711)
    • THL W200(S)
    • Tronsmart TS7
    • Ulefone u7
    • Utime U100S
    • Vonino Ego QS
    • Vonino Sirius QS
    • Xiaocai X9
    • Xiaomi Hongmi / Redmi
    • Xolo A600/Q700/Q800/Q3000
    • Zen Ultrafone 701HD
    • ZOPO 980/990
    • ZOPO C2 Platinum
    • ZOPO C3
    • ZOPO ZP910
    • ZOPO ZP300+ / ZP500+
    • ZOPO ZP900 Leader
    • ZOPO ZP950H
    • ZOPO ZP990+
    • ZOPO ZP998
    • ZTE BLADE G2 V880H
    • ZTE Kis
    • ZTE Leo S1
    • ZTE N986
    • ZTE Open
    • ZTE Roamer 2
    • ZTE V795
    • ZTE V880G/H
    • ZTE V967S
    • ZTE V987 Grand X Quad
    • Walpad
    • Walton Primo F3i / G1 / H2 / EF
    • Wiko Cink Peax 2
    • Wiko Darkfull
    • Wiko Darknight
    • Wiko Darkmoon
    • Wiko Iggy
    • Wiko Ozzy
    • Wiko Rainbow
    • Wiko Stairway
    Compatibility for Huawei K3V2 devices (Pippin exploit only) :
    • Huawei Ascend G615
    • Huawei Ascend Mate
    • Huawei Honor 2
    • Huawei MediaPad 10 Link
    Compatibility for Samsung devices (Legolas and Aragorn exploits only) :
    • Samsung Galaxy Core GT-I8262
    • Samsung Galaxy S Aviator
    • Samsung Galaxy Proclaim S720C
    • Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S6312/GT-S6310
    • Samsung Illusion SCH-I110
    • Samsung Lightray SCH-R940
    Compatibility for Exynos devices (Sam, Frodo, Legolas and Aragorn exploits only):
    • AT&T Galaxy Note 2 SGH-I317
    • Highscreen Explosion
    • Hyundai T10
    • Hyundai T7s
    • Impression 9702 (Exynos 4412)
    • Lenovo K860/К860i
    • Newman N2
    • Meizu MX2
    • Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8000, GT-N8010, GT-N8013, GT-N8020
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE GT-N7105
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
    • Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000
    • Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000
    • Samsung Galaxy S2 AT&T SGH-I777
    • Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch - SPH-D710
    • Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100
    • Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300
    • Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE GT-I9305
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus GT-P6200/GT-P6210
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 GT-P6800/GT-P6810
    • Samsung SGH-i997 Infuse 4G
    • T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 T-889
    • Verizon Galaxy Note 2 SCH-I605
    • iBerry Auxus CoreX2 3G and CoreX4 3G
    Compatibility for Omap36XX devices (Gimli exploit only) :
    • Archos Gen8
    • Cliq 2 MB611
    • Coolpad Quattro 4G
    • Droid 2 (a955)
    • Droid 2 Global (a956)
    • Droid X (MB810)
    • LG Marquee LS855
    • LG P970 Optimus Black
    • Motorola DEFY+ (MB525 / MB526)
    • Motorola Droid PRO
    • Motorola Droid X
    • Motorola Milestone 2
    • Motorola XPRT
    • Parrot ASTEROID Smart
    • R2D2 (a957)
      If your device is not in the list, you may also try this and tell us if you get success. Enjoy rooted Android phones.


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