Thursday, 31 July 2014

How to Remove files waiting to be Burned to Disk Error

When you are burning files on CD/DVD and if some files not burned properly on the disk you may cause the error like this. This error shows near your system tray and you can’t able to remove that kind of error.

This kind of error have to be fix by most of the Windows users but unable to fix it after removing CD/DVD and completed burning files to it.

What is the cause of this error ?

This error cause due to temporary storage of files into your systems temporary storage folder. If you didn’t burn some of the files that stored into that folder then this error continue to show near your system tray.

burn files

How to fix the error ?

Fixing this error is not that much hard thing to do. You are now able to fix this error by using simple Run commands or by just opening the folder.

*. Open Run directly by pressing Win + R. Now type shell:cd burning and press Enter.

shell burning

*. You will prompt a Window in which temporarily files were stored during burning process. You just need to delete that files and you are done.

*. Open the folder located at C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Burn\Temporary Burn Folder and delete all the files stored in that folder.

Note: This folder is hidden by default and may not open directly, so first check that you have checked show hidden files and folder option from folder and search options.

You are now able to fix this issue easily and not teased with this issue again.

Monday, 28 July 2014

GIF Screen Recording using Recordit

There are lots of tools available for Windows that are very useful in your day to day life. One of them is Recordit. It is a very easy to use software for Windows by which you can capture your screen in GIF file i.e. you can record your screen activities in the form of GIF files and save them or upload them on the web.

As GIF files don’t need more space they are easy to share on the Internet and you can able to make videos of your screen activities with this simple tool Recordit.

How to record your screen in GIF

You need Recordit software for making your GIF videos of your computer screen. It is free software for Windows. You may direct upload GIF files to the Recordit servers from where you can further use the file on the web or download it for your own use. It is available in a free as well as a paid version. We are discussing about the free version now.

With free version of Recordit you can record the computer screen for upto 5 minutes which more than enough for any GIF file. You can download Recordit from here.

*. After downloading and installing you will see a small camera icon in your system tray. You just need to click on that and then select the area for recording and click on Record button.

camera icon

*. Once you are done with the recording you can click on Stop button to stop the recording or you can also click on flashing icon for Stop from your system tray.

stop icon

*. Now Recordit will automatically upload the video on the server after which you will be notified by a small system tray icon. You can click on it to view the video.

uploading video

*. To download the created video you must click on the GIF button on the bottom right corner of the video player and then right click on the GIF file opened and then click on Save image as.

*. You can view previously created videos by clicking the Recent Screencast menu from the system tray icon.

screencast icon

Recordit is very easy to use software by which you can create your free GIF screen videos which are very small in size. So enjoy creating GIF videos of your computer.

Friday, 25 July 2014

View your computer’s power Efficiency Report

The common issue of your system slow down might be occur many of the time and you don’t have any clue how this occurring and what is the cause of the problem. You have a Windows trick that may minimize your problem a little bit and you could able to see how your system OS performing now and what is the problem in your system.

You have a powerful tool in your Windows OS i.e. very well known Command Prompt that will help you finding the problems in your system. Following little info might help you sorting out some issues of your system.

How to find your PC’s Power Efficiency Report

You don’t need any special tool for this, you can do this with your Command Prompt i.e. cmd. You just have to open cmd in administrator mode.

*. Open cmd in Administrator mode and type powercfg –energy

power efficiency

*. Now your system’s power efficiency report will available to you after 60 seconds and also you may check the information which will automatically stored in a html file at C:/Windows/system32/energy-report.html

energy report

That’s very much easy isn’t it! Enjoy with this small trick…….!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

How to check Original Installation date of Windows

Windows installation date

Are you looking for the original installation date of your Windows? You can find it easily but did you know how? Then follow this post to know more.

Every Windows OS when installed on any system then its information stored automatically in a system file during installation. This system file saved during installation into Windows directory. You can get it easily just follow simple steps as mentioned below.

How to check installation date of Windows

You can check Windows installation date and other information about your Windows operating system from using a command from command prompt. Below steps will help you more.

*. Press Win + R and type cmd to open Command Prompt.

*. Type systeminfo.exe and press Enter.

*. Wait for few seconds and you will get all the information about your Windows including Windows installation date and time.

You just found another useful information about your Windows isn’t it! More such hidden features are included in your Windows stay tuned for further updates.

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